October 26, 2005

Ever have those times...

When you just want to give up and crawl back in bed and shut the world out...felt that way today. Not sure why...maybe it's this blasted Ohio weather...haven't seen sunshine for days...nothing but rain for I know at least the last three days. I need some sunshine folks! Felt kinda irritable today, but not at anyone, just that "I'm irritated" sort of feeling. I guess I'm just in a funk right now. Pray that it passes soon.

Surprised the boys with their Halloween costumes tonight. Austin has the Stitch costume and Brennan of course is a Dinosaur. Colton is going to be Spiderman again cause that's what he wants. The boys loved their costumes and were pretty excited about it. That made me happy. It just puts a smile on my face to see them smile.

Not sure I'm liking this new schedule hubby has right now. He works all day...literally...though the money is good, I miss having him here and it's hard for me to plan anything....I'm just hoping he doesn't miss out on trick-or-treating on Thursday.

Well I'm going to bed.


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Sarah said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'm heading to my bed right now! I WISH!!!! My husband says "Attitude is 90% schedule." You can only do so much with the other 10%! Keep smiling at the babies!!!!