October 1, 2005

Was thinking today...

You know I was thinking today...I sometimes do that :-) I just got two of my scrapbook mags today...it always seems that my scrapbook mags show up when I'm having a bad day...I love it when the Lord just sends that ray of sunshine when I need it ;-)

Looking at my mags makes me wish I could see my work in a magazine. I've sent in stuff a few times, but I never hear anything. I look on Two Peas and those ladies there are so stinkin talented and I wish...Wow I wish I could do that. I know I sound envious, I don't want to sound that way. I just wish I could just once be published or when I put something on Two Peas that I would get a bunch of praise for it. I know that sounds so stupid. And then I thought, you know maybe there's a reason why I haven't and maybe never will...maybe God knows that maybe I would be prideful about my work and that maybe this wouldn't be such a good thing for me. Maybe God has something else in mind. Maybe wishes don't come true for a reason and I just need to be thankful that I'm at least saving memories for my family whether hundreds of other people like it or not. Lord help me keep things in perspective...and thank you for always knowing what is truly best for me.


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