October 24, 2005

Finally starting to figure out this Blogger thing...

Well if you haven't noticed yet...I finally have music on my blog...(Switchfoot ROCKS btw)...and if you look to your right...I have some interesting reading listed...just some of the blogs I peruse and some wonderful people I've met being on Two Peas and stuff...it's amazing the connections you make online. Now if I can just figure out how to make my own cool banner for the heading of my blog...

Well just got done talking to my family...we have a flight to Florida...PRAISE YOU JESUS!!! And it's a God thing because we are all (19 of us remember) on the same flight and it's a straight flight...no layovers...thank GOD!!! So everything is a GO for Disney...I'm starting to get excited now. We leave later on Christmas Day which is OK with me, we leave Florida earlier than we were before, but I think after 7 days of Disney a few hours aren't going to matter. It ended up costing my Dad a little more for tickets, but not as much as he thought it would so that is another praise! God really worked on this one...Thank you again Jesus!

Exhausted again today...I beginning to think maybe I have something or can it really be the change in the weather...don't know...I'm just tired of being tired. Just can't seem to get it in gear.

Praying for my boys today...we had to have a family talk today...for whatever reason they have been very disobedient lately...Austin & Brennan walked to church without their Daddy today after Kevin told them not to. Granted it's only a block an a half away (pretty much down an alley)and granted Austin is 8 but I'm just not comfortable letting him do that yet...maybe I'm overprotective...we live in a pretty safe city...just scares me. So I had to sit and talk with them today. Hoping that they took it to heart. It's so hard being a mom and having to disipline your kids. It' breaks my heart sometimes. Though I know it's for their own good I'm not sure they see it that way...one day I hope they'll understand.

Went to look at that house again today...it's such a nice house, but it is a bit out of our price range and we just realized it doesn't have AC and is electric baseboard heat...so no ductwork for AC anyway. It need all new windows and carpet. It still is a nice house, but for $ 159,000...not sure it's that nice when I'd have to plunk so much more into it...but the boys love it out there...with 3 acres to roam...they were like free little birds...it's so sweet to watch...also on the downside they would end up in a different school district...meaning new school, new friends and all...not sure how'd they'd feel about that. But anyway...it's nice to dream.

Here is a photo from last weekend...they boys and my niece Tea went pumpkin pickin'. Looks like they had a good time.

Well wrote more than I thought I would...going to call it a night and get geared up for another week...hope you have a great week too! God bless!


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