October 10, 2005

My baby is losing his first tooth!!!

This afternoon after church Brennan was complaining that his tooth hurt. Now Brennan just so you all know hasn't lost a tooth yet, he's 6 1/2 and in first grade. Austin began losing his teeth in Kindergarten, so I guess it's about time for Bren. I touched his bottom tooth and sure enough it's loose. I'm excited for him, yet I'm so so sad...my little Brennie is growing up. He has such a beautiful smile...(I tried looking for a picture of him showing his teeth, but that is more of an Austin pose than Brennan...couldn't find a picture of Brennan like that). I just hope that Brennan's big teeth come in better than Austin's has...I think Austin is going to need braces before too long.

Church was good today. Tried inviting Kevin's Mom & Step Dad, but they wouldn't come. I know they know about Jesus and all but I just don't know that they know Jesus personally and I just wish I knew...and knew why they are so not interested. I know it's a personal choice and I'm definitely not one to push the issue...but I just would love to see them have that relationship. I'll keep praying.

Well got another busy week ahead with meetings and cleaning and babysitting the twins. Probably should get a good night's sleep.

Oh before I go...just want to show a wish...something I just really would love to have, but certaintly can't afford it at all right now, but someday...maybe with selling enough eBay stuff and babysitting one day it will be mine :-) The Canon Digital Rebel XT...my sister Jackie has one...I love it...I drool on it every time she brings it around. I want one...I need one. One day Lord willing I'll have one!

Well until next time,


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sweethc said...

I have that camera, I love that camera and saving for it was well worth it. It took me over a year to save for it and I am glad I took my time.