October 8, 2005


My I'm so glad it's Friday...it's been a long week. Today wasn't too bad. Last night we went to see the Rough Trucks at the fair. That was fun...we had to wait for what seemed like forever, but when it finally started we had fun. Also a blessing...someone gave us free fair passes to get the boys into the fair so the evening only cost us some snacks and some water...Praise the Lord for nice people!! That was such a blessing since money has been kind of tight lately anyway. It's funny how God just comes in at the right moment and takes care of us. God is so good!

So it's Friday...the boys are home from school, the twins are back home and they were good today, the weather today is very fall like with a slight nip in the air. Today has been a pretty nice day...thank you Lord!

Oh one thing that maybe God had a hand in but, TBS has changed the time that Dawson's Creek is on...I believe they must have it on from 8-10 a.m. which stinks cause that is totally impossible to watch it at that time...I'm lucky to catch the last half hour which I guess I've gained a bit more housecleaning time...however I have now caught on to Dr. Phil so...oh well I still gain a half hour :)

Well I'm going to go relax and maybe even try to clean my craft table...it's a terrible mess.

Later taters,


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