October 15, 2005

I could be at Scrap Camp...

Just thinking....right now I could be in Ripley, WV at Scrap Camp...instead here I am at home...I'm not looking for any pity party...I know I did the right thing, especially after today. It's just Scrap camp is so stinkin' fun...I'll definitely be there for Spring Camp...It's just even though Scrap Camp is a great time...even if I did nothing while I was there it would still be great cause I would have some time for me...Disney right now is far more important. Kevin & I spent till late last night trying to figure out places we are going to eat while we're there so we can make appropriate reservations. It's hard to believe it's only 2 1/2 months away.

Had open scrap night at church. Joann was the only one to show up...felt a bit awkward, yet I think it went OK. I don't think she's been doing it long or really knew the gist of it, but hopefully I was able to help her somewhat tonight.

I guess I'm a bit discouraged about my scrapbooking...nobody shows up for my scrapnights anymore...I post layouts online and I don't get much comments. I know...man I don't know what it is with my mood tonight. Must be something...maybe it's a full moon or something.

Maybe I just need to go to bed...Kevin has to work all day again tomorrow...may take the boys on the Fall Foliage Tours if the weather is nice...it'll give us something to do besides sit at home.



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