October 28, 2005

My Austin is sick...

Went to the doctor today for just Austin's yearly check up and though he had been dealing with a cold the last few days I didn't think much about it. I was giving him the cough and cold medicine and doing all that a mom could do...the doctor looked at him today and said he has walking pnemonia...I felt like the worst mom...here I thought it was just a cold and he's actually has pnemonia...he's upset cause right now for the next month he's on an inhaler, he's on an antibiotic and cough medicine. In a month the doctor wants to see him again to rule out asthma...which freaked my son out just because he freaks out about everything. He went to bed crying tonight and in his prayers tonight he said, "and God could you please not let me have asthma." Broke my heart...right now I feel like I'm failing at everything...I must be the worst mom out there...

Boys went trick or treating tonight...when I upload the pics I'll post them here...We bundled up Austin a bunch...He went as Stitch...Brennan was a Dinosaur...and Colton was Spiderman again. They had fun...we didn't stay out the whole time...we only went for about an hour and came home...the boys were tired and ready to come home.

On a different note...trying to put a new song on my blog the last few nights...hoping this one works...I usually listen to more christian rock/pop music, but I always liked Nickelback's music...their newest one is just kind of what I'm going through personally now...looking back on the past, thinking about the fun I had back then, and though it would be nice in some instances to go back, it's time to say goodbye to that...sigh...well I hope the song comes up.

Have a good night.


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