October 11, 2005

Just Another Manic Monday...

Now that I have that old Bangles song ringing in my head...it was a Manic Monday. From start until...well I'm not done yet. Just taking a breather. Started as usual...getting the boys ready for school, Austin was poking along again. The girls were here and for the most part were very good...especially Alaina...she was great. Had laundry to do today, stripped all the beds and put flannel sheets on since it's been so cold at night...now it'll probably warm back up again :-) Had a little time for the last half of Dawson's Creek and Dr. Phil (which was very good today...got to get a copy of that show...if you happen to know how I could get a copy PLEASE let me know). Made lunch for the kids, started cleaning more of my craft/laundry area. Mended some clothes since I could get to my sewing machine. Trying to totally clean off my craft table so Kevin can do what he needs to do behind it. I'll be going from a craft table the size of Texas to a TV tray...OK a bit exaggerated, but close...the table I'll be moving to is small...doesn't thrill me at all. Got a phone call from the school...Brennan didn't make it to the bathroom in time...Kevin was unavailable so here I am taking 3 three year olds up to the school to get Brennan a change of clothes. That went OK...got home and the kids wanted a snack. So I got them snacks and Kevin gets home. I'm folding laundry. Kevin gets the boys from school, I did a craft project with the girls of some foam Princess frames with their pictures in them...cute! Once the boys are home I help Brennan with home work, still doing laundry and in the process I make a couple pillows I've been meaning to make for the youth room at church. By this time it's 5:30 p.m. so I run upstairs and make dinner...easy...spaghetti tonight. Don't even eat dinner myself, run outside and mow the lawn. Finally make it back in the house about 7:30 p.m. (Hubby realizes I mowed the lawn when I had about 2 more strips to mow...Go figure...luckily I don't mind mowing...it gives me time to myself.) Come inside, cleaned up the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, put food away...hubby is talking to his Mom...she needs help with some invoices I did for her a few months back that need to be resubmitted, took care of that for her. Hubby says he's going to run that down to his mom...it's now 8:15... at 8:30 I run the boys upstairs for showers and get them in their PJs, FINALLY get myself a shower, read them a couple stories and get them ready for bed. Come back downstairs get the last load of laundry in the dryer and now finally sat down to do some work on the computer. Surprisingly I'm not exhausted, yet it feels like the longest day ever.

Well I hope to get some more done in my craft/laundry room before calling it a night...I may even do some eBay...we'll see.



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