October 1, 2005

No sleeping in today...

Saturdays....my one and only day to sleep in. And it's a lot like the lottery...most of the time I don't win and have to get up early anyway, once in a great while I get lucky...today wasn't one of those days. But after a glass of cold coffee drink I'm doing OK.

Colton got me up at 8:30...I tried like mad to get him to lay down with me if even just for 10 more minutes...but nothin' doin'...he was up. I did get to cat nap a little in granny's chair until the other two guys woke up which was nice and helped a lot.

I just have to say that I have the sweetest father in law in the world. I love talking to him. I know he sometimes thinks that he failed his boys in raising them, but I think overall he's done a great job...at least with Kevin anyway...which is what really matters overall to me. Joe is so caring and giving and loving. He loves my boys so much and loves being involved in their lives...in fact he hates the fact that they are growing up so much that they don't need him as much anymore...it makes me sad to see them grow up so fast too. I just hope and pray that they believe and follow God throughout their lives and that they keep family close. If there is one thing that I have truly learned with being with Kevin and his family is that family is very important. It's what makes life worth living. And I've adopted that process with my children now (my house is full of photos of my boys...I don't like them much...yeah right.) I hope my boys will feel the same way about family.

Well not sure if we are going to the fair today or tomorrow...we'll see what happens.


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