November 28, 2005

Church was awesome yesterday

You know God is so good...Led worship again yesterday and even though there were moments during Praise & Worship that things didn't go well with the music (Dave started playing a different part during one of the songs) God still took it and used it for good. We had a guest speaker yesterday since Pastor Rod and Joann were gone and the amazing thing is that the songs that I selected to sing went perfectly with his sermon about knowing God. Not that I deserve any of the glory or praise, but I just thought that was so amazing...definitely a God thing. I was in such awe, as I usually am when God works. This was probably my last Sunday to lead worship for a while...I'm glad. Though I enjoy leading to a certain degree, I'm glad to be passing the baton back to Joann...she does a good job. It'll be nice to fade into the background again.

Then last night we had another church join us for worship, Shiloh Baptist, and their Pastor spoke. He was great too! It was so nice to be able to not only mix denominations, but also to mix races. It's nice to know that even though we may belong to different denominations, we still serve the same God. I love that. No one is better than the other, we are all the same. The Pastor talked about how we are our brother's keeper and need to care for one another. It was an awesome sermon.

Today was an OK seems like Mondays for whatever reason are so hard after such an uplifting Sunday. Boys didn't have school today...they go back tomorrow. HAd the girls for a little bit today while Michelle drove her brother back home. They were good, except Alexis kept getting scared of Tigger for some reason today...I think she was just tired.

Speaking of tired, I'm tired too. I'm not sure if it's just being tired or if something else is up, but I've been irritable and fatigued tonight (no it's not that time either)...beginning to wonder if it's caffeine that is affecting me. I'm going to try to kick the caffeine for a while and see how it goes and try to narrow down what it may be.

Thinking of getting my hair cut shorter again...especially for Disney...easier to take care of. Kind of like a hairstyle like the one in the photo:
Let me know what you think.

Later folks!



Jada's Gigi said...

Love, love the haircut! I can't imagine you with it that short(form looking at your pic) but I might try mine like that. Mine is already pretty much that short. haha I'm thinking of lettting mine grow out....naaah too much work.
Short is definitely better for traveling, warm weather etc.

PS you may just be tired from the weekend. I know, I know, that's not normal...well trust me, it is as you get to be...ahem...older... just don't recover from stress, and busy like I used to.
(I know, you don't want to hear that either...LOL)

Sarah said...

Love that haircut! I like it when it's a bit longer in the front and funky spiky fun in the back!!!! Go for it!!!