November 12, 2005

Venting my frustration....

Yes...I am totally frustrated at the moment...went shopping tonight. You know there was a day...a very very long time ago mind you, that I actually enjoyed shopping. Now it's just a hassle and just plain depresses me. A new Kohl's store opened not too awful far from us and the boys needed new winter we went. Found them coats...yipee...also I am in dire (and I'm not exaggerating) need of some new clothes. Thought, hey why not. It turned out to be pretty much a 2-3 hour fiasco. The boys were restless running all over the store. Lost Brennan once (though he was actually playing hide & go seek with me, though he failed to tell ME that), I tried on several pieces of clothing and ended up with only a pair of pants and a sweater. Everything I tried on was either to tight on "the twins" or made me look like my grandma. When did my boobs get so big?? I never wanted big boobs and still wishin' that now. Then if the shirt was to clingy it showed my "baby fat roll". I was so stinkin' frustrated I could have spit nails. Then I saw a pair of shoes I likes that would have gone great with my new outfit...of course none in my size. Pair of boots I liked too...again none in my size. Can't anyone make an outfit that makes a woman going on 40 look hip and younger without looking like a teenager with half her belly being shown off and without looking like her grandma!! And why don't these stores get smart and create a play center where you can drop off your kids while you shop??!?!?! That's why I never go shopping for clothes for myself anymore and why my wardrobe looks the way it does cause I've been wearing the same stuff for years or stuff I have just quickly picked up off a rack at Wal-Mart because I don't have time to do any shopping for decent clothes for me...ARGH!!! Sorry for all the plus though....I saved the hubby an awful lot of $$$. At least he found a few nice things to wear to work which he desperately needed. Thank God for that. Well I'm going to try to sleep and hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up a size 6 with a 34 inch bust.




Jada's Gigi said...

Just now reading your "shopping" drama. laughing my head off!! Can I relate! haven't been a size 6 in YEARS! Who said big boobs was a blessing either! What a pain! I remember being so happy after my last kid was born because I was down to to a 34C and looked cute in clothes...didn't glad I have some company! PS shopping with kids it just too traumatic...I tend t obuy stuff and take it home to try on then return it if it looks awful...which it ususally does :)

Sarah said...

Oh Lord. I could've written that.
We must, we must, we must reduce our bust!!!!!
Isn't it enough to bring you to tears? In fact, it has.