November 23, 2005

Another mountaintop thrown right into the valley moment!

Yes folks...though I may have colored my hair a darker shade of doesn't matter how dark a blonde I color it I still have those blonde moments...and this one was BLONDE can I possibly be anyway?!!?

First off last night began great. Went with our women's group from church to a Thanksgiving Dinner they were putting on at the high school (which BTW creeps me out on so many levels since it's been 20 years since I ate in that many weird moments there), then we went to the Tabernacle to hear Pastor Rod preach the community Thanksgiving service. (BTW the new Tabernacle is beautiful...and huge). The service was great and uplifting...a mountaintop moment. Then I came home, which was fine really, until we put the boys to bed and hubby proceeded to tell me that his parents weren't very happy to hear that I invited my parents and sister's family over for T-Dinner too. (Which stupid me did without asking hubby first...I know, big mistake...what was I thinking!) In fact the in-laws thought about canceling. Which of course broke my heart. They thought that since my parents are taking us all away for Christmas and we'll be spending all of Christmas vacation with my whole family that T-Day would be THEIR day with us. Oh, and hubby's brother and his family won't come because my family is going to be here. Now I've upset my in-laws and the whole day is just going to be uncomfortable instead of what I had in my mind to be a day where I'm surrounded by the people I love most. I thought about just canceling the dinner all together, but hubby says it's too late for that. Anyone got a major illness they can pass my way so I CAN cancel???? (I know...shouldn't wish that.) I am so upset with myself for being so "blonde" and for screwing up the holiday. Makes me want ot find a huge rock to crawl under and stay there for...I don't know till I'm old and gray maybe?!?! Now I know why I don't plan anything...even if I try to do something nice it always ends up blowing up in my face. Oh well...pray for me. I'm really going to need it.


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