November 14, 2005

Sunday..a day of rest...

Yes it was a day of rest (forgive me Lord) but it was nice to sleep in somewhat for a change, made breakfast for my family (homemade scones...which K-man loved, and homemade pancakes...which I thought turned out pretty well for my first try). Then we cleaned out the playroom. That took a little while since we dusted and swept really good, but it looks better. Then I went to Payless and got a pair of shoes. Still not totally sure of them, but they do go with my outfit I bought the other night. Then I made lunch and pretty much vegged the rest of the night...played Battleship with Austin...he beat me the first game (with some help from Bren) and then I won the last game. Then we played games on Disney Channel. It was fun. I tried to scrapbook tonight, but the boys wanted to play games so I guess scrapbooking will have to wait for another day. I think once I finally get my scrap space cleaned off maybe I'll feel more inspired to scrapbook anyway.

Kevin pretty much vegged all day which he deserved and totally needed...he's in such a better mood today, much more relaxed and refreshed.

Well the countdown now begins....40 days until Disney!! Yippeee!!!!!

Later my friends!



Jada's Gigi said...

sounds like a wonderful day! Good for you! Glad you got to chill.. I'll bet you are so excited about Disney! It is a magical place...:)

Sarah said...

Good for you to rest. Those days are great days, too bad about the scrapping, though!!! :)
I miss the effers!!!!!

Disney was everything it was cracked up to be. You will have a ball!!!!