November 5, 2005

I'm going to try to keep this short...

It's been a long week as I'm sure you've read and I'm going to bed as soon as I get done typing this. I'm scared I may be coming down with the cold that has been milling around my house...and I have to lead worship this Sunday...please Lord no...I've been popping pills and Vitamin C like candy this morning...Got to nip this before it even tries to get me.

Talked to Pastor Dean, Rachel & PL tonight. Man I miss those guys. It's still hard not having them here. PL's mom is in the hospital, not doing too well. I guess her heartbeat is irregular. Pray for Avonelle Willey. We may go visit tomorrow depending how everyone feels.

Got two days of our Disney trip somewhat planned. Hopefully I can get the rest done soon.

There was no Effer Dare today and after looking on Two Peas they said there wouldn't be one this week. They said they'd post as to why later, hope everything is OK. Man I could use a Dare Fix right about now.

Well that's all for now...pray that I don't get this cold...I can't have a cold. Pray for me.


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