November 13, 2005

As usual a change in plans...

Well of course as par for the course our plans for tomorrow have changed...We won't be going to se PD, PL, & Rachel at their new church. PL isn't even going to be there, PL's dog is supposed to have puppies this weekend so Rachel probably won't be there either, so I guess we won't be going. And I just made toll house pies too! I'm bummed...was looking for a moment to sort of get away, but maybe we should just take advantage of the day and SLEEP IN! I know that is so bad on a Sunday, but I already made arrangements not to be there on Sunday...not like we (especially Kevin) couldn't use the rest. We'll see what happens. I think God would understand.

Well I'm going to try to get the boys in bed so hopefully we could all get a good night's rest.


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Jada's Gigi said...

Sleep in..I'm SURE God will understand...after all He didi make it to be day of rest....:)
Sorry your trip got cancelled....can I have one of those pies??...:-)