November 18, 2005

Don't let this innocent face fool ya!

Don't let this cute inncoent three year old face fool ya. This boy is going to pull my hair out. Was pretty upset tonight. Little Coltie...yes my sweet lovely little angel of a three year old...I was ready to toss him to the curb tonight (OK not really, but...) I don't know if it's a stage he's going through cause I don't remember the other two guys doing this, but he is going through this stage of saying "stupid" and "stinkin'"...Stupid is a no-no word in our house...and just the way that little guy uses the word stinkin'...kind of like "I don't want to pick up that stinkin' car". Maybe it's the attitude behind it as well. He's just so strong willed. He will look me in the face and say it and hardly bat an eye. It was a battle of wills with him and I for sure tonight I was bound and determined not to lose! (I was praying for strength and wisdom the whole time...Jesus..Jesus...just give me strength.) I finally got tired of his mouth and attitude that after dinner I washed him up and put him in bed. The whole time he was crying "I want to be good...I want to be a good boy" which just didn't work for me tonight. I was glad I stuck to my guns and put him in bed. I think he was tired anyway...and I know I was tired of his attitude. did my parents ever allow us to live!?!?!? Man being a parent sometimes can be so is worth it though, it's just that days like this make it hard.

I'm so glad God blessed me with these would be too boring without them.

Well I'm going to try and re-attach my hair now ;-)



Jada's Gigi said...

Ohhh how funny!! Isn't that just like all of us? We all want to be good so badly and just can't seem to manage it most of the time. lol!
I know they are exasperating and I know you love em like crazy! I feel the same way about mine...still :)
What's that saying?...."I wouldn't take a million dollars for them... and I wouldn't give a nickel for another one just like em!"

Sarah said...

You GO Mama!!!!! You totally did the right-hard thing. My kids are really strong willed, and I am not. It is a battle during those "phases." Someone said the bad times usually occur before a big developmental leap, so that helps me get through them somehow. I guess knowing that it won't be like this forever!!!!

Cheryl, your last phrase has me rolling!!!!