November 9, 2005

When you're on the mountaintop...

You know...when you are on that mountaintop...there is a certain "person" (I don't even want to call him that) that doesn't like it and attacks. Yesterday it seemed like my day just drug on and on...never had time to stop. Brennan was home with a touch of I had to take him to the doctor...luckily Kevin was home to watch Coltie and the girls so I could take Bren to the doctor or that could have been a lot of fun. Then I had to drop the boys off at art club, go to Wal-Mart to get the prescription, pick up the boys from art club, get home and start on homework and dinner, clean up from dinner, and then I went to bed with Bren cause we were tired...but then I ended up getting Austin & Coltie ready for bed too. Then the two boys were making such racket downstairs I didn't sleep much anayway.

But overall...I praise God anyhow. I read a book Pastor Rod had been suggesting us board members to read and it's been pretty good. God was good anyway and I praised Him anyhow for giving me another day.

Today though was a better day and went relatively complaints here other than hubby being a bit tired and grumpy, but hey that's OK.

Just a comment's been ages it seems since I've scrapbooked...need to get some creating done...maybe tonight...probably not, but maybe tomorrow...or maybe Thursday...I may not have the girls Thursday...maybe I just need to write it on my calendar. :-)

Hoping all is well with all of you and that you have had a good day!


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