December 2, 2005

Been MIA...

Man I can tell it's the Christmas season because I've been so busy. Trying to get last minute things done for trying to get things done for Christmas. With this Disney trip hovering overhead I have about forgotten about Christmas shopping. I am so far behind in that area this year. YIKES!! Where did the time go??

So I did my hair chopped...This isn't the best picture since it was taken at the end of a long day, but it'll give you an idea. No longer a slave to the curling iron. It's pretty much wash, some styling gel and go. It will be great for Disney, nice and easy. I like it...I had it like this before not all that long ago, but I think I liked it a little longer...I'm just trying to get used to it so short again. Tell me what you think...and be honest. It won't hurt me if you don't like it. I'll probably grow it out again after Disney anyway. I go through spurts...I want it long I want it short...never happy with it. After all it's just hair right?

Check out this post by Jada's's awesome...put's Christmas and the true meaning of what JOY really is in perfect perspective.

Well I need to find out where and what my kids are doing...their quiet and we know what that means...they're probably into something. Hopefully I will have a better picture of myself and more time to talk tomorrow.


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Sarah said...

LOVE the do! You put the Fun in Funky!!!