November 6, 2005

Ok...I'm stressin'

Yes...I finally have to admit it...I'm stressing out about tomorrow with leading worship. I know God is in control...I know God will make it work...I know by this time next week no one will remember what mistakes we may have's just that there are so many elements against me. Not singing with Dave at the piano, and don't get me wrong, Cindy plays the piano just fine, just she has her way of playing that is a bit different than the way Dave plays. Then I am also trying to get a whole service together myself for Sunday night, which I think is what I'm more nervous about. Again, I know God is in control...I just don't like being in the spotlight, but for whatever reason God keeps putting me there.

So right now I'm going through Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" book to go along with my service tomorrow night on "Worship"...with the boys today it's been hard to concentrate on it may have to wait until they go to bed...I'm just needing a some hefty scrapbooking, which I really haven't done in a while. Maybe it's a good thing that there is no Dare this week.

Well I'm going to go read now and hopefully God will lead me where He wants me to go.

Have a blessed weekend.


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