November 4, 2005

Not bad...

Today wasn't too bad a day...though I kept quite busy. Didn't have the twins today...Michelle stayed home from school today and watched that was a surprise today so I got some things done around the house for a while and then I took my hubby out to lunch at the Serenity Tea House (love that place...the atmosphere is so nice)...and I bought. It's kind of nice having my own money again...though it ain't much I love being able to spoil my boys. We had a great lunch and then my day went into overdrive...I then went to Wal Mart and got Kevin his prescription, then went immediately to the school to get the boys, got them home and started on their homework (which was like pulling teeth today), then I checked on dinner (made spaghetti with my homemade sauce), then had to take off to the school for parent/teacher conferences. Both boys are doing well...need to work with Brennan a little with speech and reading, but other than that they are both doing great...praise the Lord for answered prayer.

Then as soon as I got home Cindy from church called. Dave J. (My back-up to play piano on Sunday for worship) his dad had a heart attack so he had to head out to Maryland. (Pray for Dave's dad). So Cindy is my back-up for my back-up so to speak...I asked her to pick out music since she's not so comfortable playing...could be interesting on Sunday morning, especially since we haven't praticed at all. Then Dave & I were to lead worship on Sunday night...Cindy can't play Sunday night...I'm in a quandry about that...Asked Tammy F. to bring her IWorship DVDs...hoping she has some with songs we can sing...may have to do just an acoustic set with I said could be interesting, but I have faith that God is going to get us through this. Pray for us anyway cause it sure can't hurt.

Also trying to work on our itinerary for our Disnay trip...want it to go as smoothly as possible. So much on my plate...

Well I'm going to bed...I'm exhausted tonight. Hopefully I can read Ecclesiastes 4 tonight.


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