November 17, 2005

Weird day sort of...

Well today didn't go anyway that I thought it would...but it still turned out OK. Which is how I planned it right ;-) Girls were good today, except Alaina is sick and I tried to get her to take some medicine for me and she stubbornly refused...I tried but it was no use. She did nap for 2 hours though and I think that's what she needed. Colton still has that barky cough. If he still has it tomorrow I may take him back to the doctor. Hopefully he gets over it.

Helped hubby with some P.O. work. He needed some name tags done for a big shindig they're having swoops "Publisher Queen" to the rescue. I love love love Publisher. Made the name tags, not to brag but they did look good and most of all hubby was happy.

There is a new scrapbook store that opened in town today...hoping to get down there to check it out sometime this week...hope they have some cool stuff!

Well going to get to bed.


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