December 14, 2005

Christmas Memories continued...Christmas is for children...

Well to continue my Christmas Memories...Christmas truly is for children...after all, Jesus came to earth in the form of a child. I just love the heart of a child especially at Christmas time. Here is one of the reasons why...

I have been answering the Santa letters that are sent to our local post office for the last 5 years...I love doing it. There is nothing that is cuter than seeing a child's hand scrawled letter with their wishes on it. It's so precious...most are the usual, "this is what I want you to bring me Santa", but usually every year I get one or two that just tug at the heart. I remember one I got a few years ago that this little girl wrote where what she wanted for Christmas was for her parents to stop fighting...and she didn't believe in Santa. She wanted a bead set and in order for her to believe she wanted that bead set for the hubby and I bought her a bead set, some hot wheels cars for her brothers and my hubby hand delivered them (with Santa hat on) to this families house...They were so excited...I'm sure that little girl had no doubt on Santa that year. I've had ones that asked for their grandmas to get better and their dad's to be back at home. It's sad, but so amazing of the believing and precious heart of a child. I'm blessed with each letter I receive and I have kept each and every one. They are my reassurance that there is still some Christmas magic out there in the world. What a true blessing!

May you embrace this Christmas season with the heart of a child this year!


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Jada's Gigi said...

How wonderful!, pray tell, did you get a job answering Santa letters from you local post office?? :) What a sweet gesture that you and your husband took it up on yourselves to answer that little girls letter. Don't you just want to answer all of them?
I agree that there is nothing quite like seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Perhaps that is why the Lord says to come to Him as a little child. :) Merry Christmas!