December 20, 2005

Christmas Memory X

Even though I am extremely exhausted at the moment...I just have to share another memory just in case I don't have time to share any more this week. This is one of my fondest's....

Mistletoe!!! And you are now probably thinking...what's with the mistletoe...well it'll be 21 years ago on December 24th that my hubby had me under the mistletoe and gave me a sweet little smooch and asked me to be his girlfriend. I know...TMI...pretty stinkin' mushy...but true. We still celebrate this "anniversary" even though we are now married...for 16 years now. It's one of those moments I will cherish always. Love ya honey!

Well I'm glad I started with that, because today was A DAY!! know those days where you feel like you've been hit by a MAC truck??? This was today. Had the girls...Lex peed herself after I told her several times to use the potty, then I had one of the ladies from my church ask if I'd watch her 3 year old daughter while she and her husband went to OSU hospital to see his grandma who was dying. I said yes and it was fine...she was fine..the girls loved playing with here since they usually get only "boy" time at my house...having another girl in the mix was a nice change...then it was time to get my boys from school...interesting feat I must say...eight people in a seven passenger van...thank God there were no cops around. Four car took me a half hour just to buckle them all in...I looked like romper room walking to the school with 4 three year olds in tow. Then leaving with three more children since I had to pick up Alicia's brother too. Made for quite an interesting trip. Needless to say I didn't get done what I should have today so as much as I would love to go on and on about my day I'll cut it short....luckily there is no school tomorrow so I may try to sleep in a little bit, but then it's on to packing for Disney...5 MORE DAYS. Can't wait...hubby and Brennie can't get into the doctor until Thursday...hoping that they get over whatever they have by then...I want everyone top notch on this trip!

Oh...also got all my shopping done tonight. HALLELUIAH!!

Well may you be surprised by a sprig of mistletoe this year (hopefully it's with someone you like ;-) ).

Happy holidays!



Radical One said...

Awwe, I love the mistletoe story! I'm convinced we need more of those sweet stories these days, cos we sure have enough other junk! lol

Sounds as tho you're blessed with more patience than myself, with the "tour bus" for kids. I admire that. I have three quiet (for the most part) girls. Being around boys is such a different thing. So much more energy and action.

Well, I must get this day started. Got some baking to be done for Christmas. I do hope the vacation is one of the best ever!


Radical One said...

Oh, and my daugter in the picture is "blonde" so I certainly have nothing against blondes....just maybe a little jealous! LOL

Jada's Gigi said...

Love the mistle toe story! Good for you that you still celebrate it. That helps keep the romance burning doesn't it?

Paula said...

Okay, I'm thinking that you got a lot done--important stuff like caring for those precious children. :o)(Not to minimize what I know can be a frustrating, exhausting day--with four kids I have my share of those, too.)