December 17, 2005

Christmas Memories...VIII

Since this is Christmas Memories made me think of food ( know, it's obviosly late)...well tonight's memory is...

My mom's cookies...while at home she made these every Christmas I think...I can't remember a year without them...they were her Spritz cookies,that she made in various Christmas colors, and Russian Tea Cookies. And she made plenty of them. She'd sometimes make the candy cane ones too. But no Christmas ever went by without spritz cookies and russian tea cookies. They were delicious. And sometimes if my mom had time (which wasn't very often) she'd make here Kuchen. (I think that's how it's spelled)...she'd make a poppyseed and a nut one. I always loved the nut filled one. It was so tasty. Yumm...making myself hungry now. In fact tonight I madea couple more cheesecakes, one for tomorrow's shindig with hubby's father and step mom and that side of the family. These cheesecakes didn't turn out as well I think as the many others I have made...not sure what was up with that. Probably because I was committed to bring them...whenever I'm committed to bring something it's just guarranteed to fail...go figure that one out.

Well got lots to do and a short time to get there.

May the smells and tastes of Christmas fill your senses throughout this coming year.


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Jada's Gigi said...

OH yes! Love those Christmas goodies! My family always makes, what we call,chocolate balls. They have peanutbutter and confectioners sugar and pecans in them...yumm! I always made sugar cookies with my kiddos since they are so fun to cut out in shpaes and decorate. Messy but a blast!
A newer traditon we have picked up over the past 10 years or so is to have ribs for Christmas dinner. We buy them the day before from a good restaurant and re-heat them along with making fries and corn on the cob and cole slaw. Everyone loves it and won't let this one go. LOL I don't mind a cooking for me. Hahaha
Gotta love the food memories of Christmas!