December 7, 2005

I so need to go to bed...

I'm back hurts like crazy...girls were tired and whiny today...Coltie was tired and cranky...Brennan didn't want to do his homework again...Thank God that HE is there to carry me through my day...I know He's the reason I made it through today. Also God bless my hubby....he went out and picked up dinner tonight cause I was just too tired...He's awesome! And it was from one of my fav places...Yucatan Mexican restaurant! YUM!! And he even got me extra chips and salsa...what a man!

Still no closer to getting Christmas shopping done...not sure what I'm going to do yet.

Got a package of scrapbook supplies today...ordered some stuff to work on some last minute Christmas projects...Merry Christmas to me in a way I guess! And I even got extra goodies in my package...a bunch of different kinds of eyelets...not just a pack, many packs! So cool...if you have never shopped at so...they have great service!

Also if you want to see something funny...take a look at this site...Some people have way too much time on their hands...I guess this is in Mason, OH...not sure how far from me he is but I'd love to see this in real life. Take a look here

I saw this and laughed like crazy...too funny. Guess this guy even made it on the Today show or something like that. Go figure?!

Well like I said I'm tired and I have a headache too and tomorrow is another long day.

Take care my friends!


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Jada's Gigi said...

That guy really does have too much time on his hands!