December 24, 2005

Countdown begins...

Not sure if I'll be posting tomorrow at all or not so thought I better do a little post tonight. Got all mine and the boys clothes packed and just need to pack the last minute toiletries and come Sunday morning we are off to Disney World!! It's still seems sureal to me...won't believe it until we get there...we've been waiting over a year to do this trip and now it is finally here...WOWZERS! I'm excited, but exhausted from trying to pack, clean the house before we go and throwing Christmas in the mix. It's been a trip though...not complaining at all. I'm also a bit nervous about flying...after all 19 of us are on the same plane....and I don't like to fly anyway. I always seem to get sick. Plus two of my boys get motion sick as well...could be interesting so say a little prayer for us.

Had Christmas last night with my girls Alexis and Alaina and of course Leslie and Michelle...also two peeps from our youth group Jess and Justin. We opened gifts...they got me Disney scrapbook paper and did they know :-))))

Had an interesting thing happen to me today...our local newspaper called and wanted to do an article on me doing the Santa letters for our area. Was quite surprised by that one. A photographer came here and took my picture and everything. So after 5 years of answering letters I guess my cover is now blown...oh well...hopefully the kids don't read the paper...I'll post the article once I actually get a hold of one...not sure if it's going to be in tomorrow's or Sunday's paper.

Hubby is sick...he's got it really bad in the chest...hoping he kicks it by Sunday. Say a little prayer.

Well I guess I better go and get a little bit of sleep...we are celebrating Christmas with the kids tomorrow night. They are going to be so excited. Daddy decided to spoil them a little. Austin has his own Gameboy but doesn't like to share much so now the two others are getting Gameboys of their own. Thing is telling them that they are going to have to leave them at home while we go on our trip....hmmmm that could be interesting.

Well if I don't get to post tomorrow, may all of you in cyberland have a safe, happy, and prosperous Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God richly bless you and your family with great times, fond memories, and joy beyond all measure. Until next time folks!


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