December 10, 2005

Memories of Christmas...

I've decided that from now until Christmas I would focus on what Christmas truly is about for me and memories I have about here is the first one...

It's my DAD. (He's pictured here with my little neice Shayna). He truly enjoys Dad can be somewhat moody during holidays...not sure why, but Christmas has, is and will always be his holiday. He loves giving gifts, he loves wrapping them (with tons and tons of tape wrapped around them so it is an effort to open them), he invented the "wrap the present in a bigger box, then put that box in a bigger box, and so on until you are opening fifteen boxes to get to your present. He's into taking goofy pictures of you at Christmas...I'm sure my mom had to tie him down somewhere not to wake us up as soon as he got all the presents under the tree (and with 5 kids there were lots of presents), in fact it's been a tradition since I can remember that we always opened our presents on Christmas Eve night because my Dad just couldn't wait. It's a tradition we do to this day...except for this year since we are going to Disney. We even had a Santa on Christmas Eve...which was played by my Uncle Bob, but that's a memory I'll save for another day. Dad would always make sure our toys were "tested" before we got them and would even help us play with them after they were opened. He always made sure that the toys were free from those annoying twist ties, screws to keep them in their boxes, and anything that hindered us from getting to our toy. Batteries were in place and any stickers that may have needed to be placed on the toy were in place. (In fact I honestly thought that the toy manufacturers put all those decals and stickers on for you...boy what a shock when I started buying toys for my boys!) Anyway, I think Christmas was the one holiday that my Dad would be able to take the time and enjoy us and enjoy his family. So when I think of Christmas...I think of my Dad and how he just truly enjoyed and relished it.

Merry Christmas Dad!

Blessings to you this holiday and may God bless you with some amazing memories this year!


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Jada's Gigi said...

Awesome memory! I have so few memeories of my dad and Christmas...Yours sound wonderful!