December 22, 2005

Christmas Tag...

I got tagged by Sarah....(Check out her blog here...Earth Crammed With Heaven ) to do a Christmas Quiz... so here goes...

Holiday: Christmas or New Years?
Christmas cause it means so much to me...Hubby usually falls alseep before midnight on New Years anyway.
Cookies: Sugar or Gingerbread? sugar
Decorations: Santa or Snowmen? Snowmen
Reindeer or Elves? Reindeer
Colors: Red or Green? Green
Colors: Gold or Silver? Silver
Tree Topper: Star or Angel? Angel
Stocking Stuffer: Fruit or Candy? CANDY!!! Anything chocolate is great!
Tree: Real or Artificial? I prefer real...though we've had artificial for several years.
Cartoons: Charlie Brown or Rudolph? Charlie the message behind it...and who can resist that tree?!?!
Movie: It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol? Duh...It's a Wonderful Life of course (see earlier blog post) though the Christmas Carol is a good one too, but nothing beats George Bailey.
Stocking Stuffer: Jewelry or Gift Card? Yes please.
Christmas List: Naughty or Nice? to answer that one...a little of both I guess.
Drink: Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hello?!? Chocolate , cold, luke warm...don't care as long as it's chocolate.
Holiday Ghost: Past, Present, or Future? hmm...I thought this one was interesting...don't think I'd like the past...having to go back and see the things I screwed up, naaaa...Future?? Not sure I want to go there cause what if I don't like my future??? Guess I'd have to say present.
Vacation Spot: North Pole or Winter Wonderland? I guess Winter Wonderland...though you could park me beside I nice warm fireplace...with my hot chocolate!
Holiday Song: Jingle Bells or Silver Bells? Silver Bells
Holiday Song: Silent Night or O' Holy Night? O' Holy is the dawn of our dear savior's birth!
More Fun: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Definitely Christmas Eve. My family always opens gifts on Christmas Eve and hubby & I open ours. Then just anticipating the boys opening their gifts the next morning...that's great too!
Lights: Clear or Multi-Colored? Clear...they're so crisp and classic
Ornaments: Bulbs or Bows? OK I know this isn't a choice, but I far more prefer handmade the one's my kid's make at school or the ones my hubby made when he was young. He made a bootie with sequins and pins on it that we hang deep in the tree every year.
Tree Decor: Ribbon, Popcorn, or Garland? Ribbon, though we don't have any of these on our tree this year.
Gifts: Wrapping Paper or Gift Bags? Wrapping paper, though those gift bags sure do make it easy!
Better To: Give or Receive? Give!!...though receiving is nice too...however I love to see the reaction on people's faces when I give them something. let's see...Jada's Gigi, Lu, and are IT.

Have fun!

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Sarah said...


I like the home made ornaments too!

Merry Christmas!