June 1, 2006

Onward and upward....

How's it goin'??? Well to recap my week so far....

Monday...Memorial Day...celebrated my 39th birthday...pretty uneventful. Was going to go out to dinner, but place we wanted to go was closed for the holiday. Boys made me some beautiful cards. Hubby's gift didn't come until yesterday...he got me this... a Canon EF-s 60 mm Macro Lens for my new camera...need to take some time to read up on it, but it is nice. Wanted it so I could take some decent close up shots. Thanks honey! Now if I save for a zoom lens (which is far more expensive) I'll be set. I'd like to take a decent photography class first before I plunk a bunch of money on something like that.

My neighbors and the girls I babysit for got me this...I saw it on TV and since Brennan has a DS now I've shamlessly confiscated it as of late. This is one of those games I could easily get addicted to...sad I know. Like I'm not busy enough then I have to throw something like this into my life...Is there no mercy?!?!?! Love this game...especially the game Sudoku....wasn't sure how to play this or what all the buzz was about it...now I get it. It is fun and makes you think...enough to make my head hurt anyway! I'm not much for taking any sort of drugs, even aspirin...but the last two days I have taken them. It's sad. I'm beginning to look like my boys...sitting for what seems like hours in front of this crazy contraption...I need help. By the way my brain age is 38...it was 45, but I improved today...good for me ;-)

Got $$ from my parents and Kevin's parents. Debating on whether to just plunk it into the checking account or to splurge on myself and get that Adobe Photoshop program I've been trying to save for. It'll probably end up in the checkbook...Ron & Ellen got me $ 25 gift certificate to my favorite restaurant in town...the Yucutan and picked me up a to go order of chips and salsa...I SO LOVE THEIR SALSA...it's the best. I could literally stick a straw in it and drink it...it's that good!

Well...I'm on an operation to clean out my house and hopefully have a garage sale soon. Time to unclutter and lighten our load. Today I went through my closet...cleaned it down and weeded out clothes and other things I no longer needed. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get through our bedroom and maybe the boys' rooms. We'll see...

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER...(do you hear that faint cry of Alice Cooper in your ears)...YES School is out! My boys were so happy. When I finally get my camera downloaded I'll have to show you pics of what I made for my boys teachers...they turned out great. When I was waiting for the boys at school when the bell rang you could hear this literal roar of screaming and delight from the kids as they were running...and I mean running out of school. It was the first time that Austin was out of the room in a long time that I didn't have to go in after him. They are free!!!

It's late and I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow....sleeping in...I'm ssssooo looking forward to doing that now!

Happy summer all!

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Jada's Gigi said...

What a wonderful bunch of birthday gifts! Don't you dare put all that $$ in the cheking account...Go get that Photoshop or at least something you want! Mothers are SO bad to themselves...I know I've done it too...:)
Don't you just Love Love summer Vaca?? :) Happy summer to you too!