June 6, 2006

I have other things...

that I really should be doing...like balancing the checkbook...catching up on e-mail...cleaning out the laundry/craft area....but I'm just taking a break for a moment.

Ever just wake up not in a very good mood and not sure why?? Today was my day. Despite the fact that Austin and Colton got me out of bed early today, I just honestly haven't been sleeping well. I think this situation has been keeping me from much desired good decent sleep. Anyways...

Had all intentions to start cleaning the Laundry/craft area today, but my body was so tired and sore from cleaning the playroom, mowing grass, laundry and all the other stuff I did yesterday...just didn't do a lot today.

The boys, Leslie, the twins and I went to the library today and signed up for their summer reading program. It's a great program, they get a pool party at the end of the summer...they love that.

Had Women's Group tonight...just kind of hung out tonight and we met for ice cream. Hubby brought the kids along and he took the twins and boys around the towpath for a long walk. We had a good time just talking and laughing. Times like that are so nice.

On another note I found this quote on another blog tonight....

An introverted person recharges by being by himself / herself, while an extroverted person recharges by being around other people.

So true...I consider myself more introverted and seem to become so much more refreshed after being alone...hubby on the other hand is an extrovert and LOVES being around people...he fuels off of them. Made me think....so which are you???

Wel off to do my "chores" now...thanks for the break!


Gina said...

Hi, I see you often at Sarah Hero's neck of the woods and thought I'd drop by. You know I really enjoy being on my own but then I get the craving and must be with others too. So I guess I'm a bit of both?

Jada's Gigi said...

LIke Gina, I think I'm a bit of both. Usually I would say I'm introverted in that I refresh by being alone but lately...being alone more than usual, I feel the need to be with others....but my hubby...now to relax he wants to go to the mall...is that extroverted or what??? :)
HOpe you get back to sleeping well soon.