June 5, 2006

Out with the old...

Today was the beginning of D-day...or d-week...or d-month...who knows. Began cleaning out the boys playroom today...what a chore that was. They have accumulated so much and though we try to keep a handle on it, it was time to do a major rid-out of stuff. I was waiting until I was no longer watching the girls to do the major clean out. And it feels better...there room is clean...stuff is in its proper place...momma is happy about that. Thing is trying to find a place for all this stuff before I either sell it on eBay or toss it to the garage sale. (BTW if you know anyone who would like to buy a gently used Little Tikes Fun Interactive Kitchen...let me know). It just feels good to lighten things up in our house, though sad to see the things that they've outgrown go. They are growing up so fast. It makes me sad.

Did take a little break from cleaning out the playroom and laundry to play a couple rounds of hand and foot with Leslie & Michelle...they taught it to me Saturday....not sure I like that game...won last night by a fluke I'm sure of it...but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out a strategy. I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances this summer to practice ;-)

Tigger is sounding better today...PTL...still worried about that little pup though. Thanks for your prayers.

Kind of dealing with an issue...please pray about it if you wouldn't mind...someone in my life is not treating people the way I think they should be treated and I may have to get drastic with them and not sure I'm liking that idea...please just pray that they see things the right way.

Hope you had a happy Monday!


Jada's Gigi said...

Summer is HERE!! yay! Sounds like you are getting down to business fast. :)
It is sad to see them outgrow things...wish I was nearby to pick up that Little Tykes Kitchen for Jadabear. She loves to play cook(must get that from her other grandmom haha)
Wish I knew how to sell things on Ebay...
its so good to have things clean and done though isn't it?
praying for your situation....

Anonymous said...

wow very productive
Maybe you cna donate some stuff to a church nursery or a daycare center.

i will be oraying for your pup and your situations
i like that you said "the right way" and not "my way"
You seem like a fair person