June 28, 2006

Got to love the simpleness of a child.

Today after lunch hubby, myself and our youngest little man Colton were practicing our counting with the little man. We lined up a bunch of different things that were on the table and he began counting them...first it was to ten...then a little farther...then the conversation went like this...

Colton:Mommy...I can count backwards.

Mommy: Really honey??? (Looking a bit perplexed since we haven't begun learning this yet)...O.K. sweetheart, show me.

Colton: O.K. ....he then proceeded to turn all the things he was counting backwards and began to count...one...two...three...

Mommy: BWWAAAHHH!!!! Proceeding to bust a gut. Got to love the simpleness of a child!

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Anonymous said...

lol!!!! followed by awwww!!!!!