May 28, 2006

Heading on my last leg of my 30's

Been a busy weekend...Graduation parties...going to hubby's brother and sister-in-law's for cookout...he's paintballing today with his brother...hoping he comes back in one piece...went to church today...ended up having to lead worship today because Joann's daughter Kate was sick...that threw me for a curve, it went OK...we got a new sound board at church so on top of being nervous leading worship, we had to deal with the quirks of dealing with a new sound board, but like I told the congregation today, we need to praise the Lord that He blessed us with a new sound board....sang the special today with Michelle and Leslie...think that went well...came home fixed lunch and then played with the boys while hubby went to get pelted with paintballs...boys now watching Spiderman...currently having a quiet Mommy-boyfree moment....AAAHHHH....that was nice...

Yes...tomorrow I embark on my last stretch of 30-dom. I don't know where my 30's went to be perfectly hubby said...the kids pretty much sucked those up for ya. Turning 30 I had not a bit of problem with...turning 40 next of a sudden I'm feeling quite old, and unfortunately at times I feel it....and I'm told it doesn't get much better. Oh well....God willing I'll age gracefully ;-)

Well I think I may take a few quiet moments and scrapbook or something. I have a few pages I need to show that I've done this week, but later...I promise.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend all! Be safe!

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Anonymous said...

40 is the new 30!