June 4, 2006

The good, the bad...

Well I tried updating this yesterday but internet was acting flakey and I think the rainstorm yesterday didn't help. Anyway, boys are off for summer...so far so good except for the occasional fighting over gameboys and computers...so what else is new. I'm just so glad to have them home.

On a more somber note...had to take our dog Tigger to the vet again Friday. We took him a couple weeks ago cause he had a cough and acted like he was choking...found out he had trachial bronchitis...got him some meds, but just wasn't cutting it...then Friday I called the vet and even though I had an appointment on Sat. Tigger was really hacking bad so I called Friday and they luckily worked him in. Talked to the vet and we already knew that Tigger has a heart murmur, but Dr. Jere did some x-rays and found he has an enlarged heart. Nothing we can do about it. Now I know Tigger is 13 years old, but it makes me sad. Tigger was my first baby and I guess more or less the vet told us to make him as comfortable as possible. I is a sad momma...but we'vre prayed over him and today he's hardly coughed at all, Praise God...but I know that our days together are fading...just makes me sad.

On a more positive note...finally downloaded pics off my camera..found this on my craft table around mother's day. Not sure who did it...no one is fessing up. But it's things like this that make me happy to be a mom.

I got up early yesterday (couldn't sleep) and began reading the 7th chapter of my book "Captivating". This has to be my favorite chapter so far. It talked about how Jesus loves us...not just the "Jesus loves me this I know cause the Bible tells me so" kind of love...though that's nice and I don't want to downplay that. It's just God loves us with such a deep and passionate love that we can't possibly understand or grasp it. God loves me so much and with such passion and He wishes the same from me. God sends us little "love letters" each day and all we need to be is sensitive to those and sense those little displays of affection....the sunrise...the breeze on your face...the twinkling stars at night...the song of the birds in the morning...little things that God sends us when we need them just to show us that He loves us. Each of us has a hole in our heart that only God can fill, but God also has a hole in His heart that only I can fill....God has a "Tammy shaped hole" in his heart and He longs for me to fill it...He loves me that much...all I can say is WOW...I mean that much to the God of all creation. If that doesn't make one feel special...I don't know what to tell ya. God always amazes me.

Well that's all for now...hope you're having a nice weekend!

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