June 17, 2006

So looking forward to vacation...

I'm ready....hubby is MORE than ready....kids are ready....just need to GET ready ;-) Come Wednesday we'll hopefully be in Hocking Hills...2 days of relaxation...two days of bonding as a family which we haven't truly been able to do since Disney. Hoping Hubby will be able to relax...unwind...hopefully connect with the Lord and with the kids...it's been a rough few months. We have so needed this in so many ways. I'm praying that the weather is nice, but even if it isn't I know that it will still be good...no phones...no interupptions...just us as a family. Hoping for total quality family time. I'll have my camera ready ;-)

We were all sitting outside at our new patio set...I always wanted one...you know the one with the umbrella...and how wonderful that the Lord provided one for free! Not brand new, but it's nice and I love it and that's all that matters. Got it from a house that hubby's mom is working on a forclosure on. So cool. Love it! Anyway we were sitting on the patio set and just enjoying ourselves as a family...it's the first time in weeks that I heard my hubby laugh...it was a nice preview of what our two day outing can be. Please pray that my hubby finds refreshment...finds peace...and just relaxes.

Later folks! May the Lord bless you in a very special way today!

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