February 28, 2006

What a day!

Today was one of those days that I just kept hopping...pretty much until now. Well except for going to women's group tonight which I haven't been able to attend for like forever. It was nice.

I really don't want to go on and on about my day so I will go on instead about our trip to MGM Studios.

Overall other than Magic Kingdom, MGM was our family's favorite. Since Austin is really interested in either being an actor/director this really interested him a bunch. And we were prepared for this trip...we had a good night sleep the night before...we had it mapped out and we were on top of our game. As soon as we got in, Kevin grabbed FastPasses for the Lights, Motors, Action show and I ran and got FastPasses for the Little Mermaid show. We saw a lot. The only things we didn't see was the Beauty & the Beast show and the Backstage tour...maybe a few other little things, but we got through this park pretty well. The Little Mermaid show was fun...nice performance. The Lights, Motors, Action show was spectacular! and we were only about 3-4 rows back so perfect seats.

Austin got his face painted. He wanted to do it when we went to Magic Kingdom, but I'm glad he waited. He looked sooooo cool! He loved it too!

We ate lunch at the Sci Fi Dine In Theatre which is like an old 50's drive in. I loved this restaurant specifically for the atmosphere. Menu was 50's type food. You sat in these 57 chevys...it was so stinkin' cute! The boys loved it...they got to watch old 50's sci-fi movies while they ate lunch...they were in heaven because we don't allow distractions like the TV around during mealtimes.

We then did a few more shows...ate dinner at the 50's diner...I didn't eat...was too full from lunch. Of all the places we ate this we liked the least. The atmosphere was cute, but the food was small portions and not that great. The boys chicken nuggets were like hockey pucks.

I did a little shopping with the kids while we were here...Austin got a Stitch pillow. While we were crossing the Main Street in MGM to get back to Daddy and Colton who were sitting on the bench waiting for us I lost Brennan...we couldn't have walked more than 100 feet and I turned around and he was gone. I looked around thinking "Oh he's right here somewhere I'm sure"...after about a minute I started panicking...cause it was crowded....I asked one of the workers that I lost my son and I needed help finding him (not something I enjoyed saying...I lost my son...what a moron I felt like!) The workers there were so helpful..the gentleman led me to a lady who obviously had been through this many times before and she began leading me to their customer services area...where we found Brennan....bless his heart and thank God he was smart enough to go up to a worker and say he was lost. We were probably only seperated for 5 minutes max but it seemed like forever....A very scary moment for me...thankful to God that he was OK.

We then saw the Osborne Christmas Lights. Unbelievably amazing! If you ever go during the holidays...you MUST see these lights....Truly amazing...and as we walked along there was soap bubble snow being showered on us...really added to the atmosphere.

We then went to see Fantasmic! A great show where they show clips of Disney movies off of fountains of water...stunning...I missed part of it cause Austin decided he had to use the restroom as the show was beginning to start. Then I couldn't find where we were sitting cause it was so dark so we eneded up sitting by the handicapped area at the top cause there was no seats left. But great show anyway.

We then went back to our room...we were pooped! A very perfect day other than Brennie getting lost. Here are a few other pics I took during our day.

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