March 2, 2006

Blown Away!

As much as I hate to admit it...I'm getting sucked in by American Idol...I always thought the show had this somewhat cheesy quality to it...but I've been officially sucked into this season. Why and how you may's because of this guy...

Oh my goodness!!! How has this guy gotten through without getting a record deal?!?!!? His performance last night literally blew me away...about as much as Bo's accapella performance last year did...and that is saying A LOT! As soon as he started singing that Fuel song...which he NAILED I pretty much said...the competition is over...he's it. If he doesn't get a record deal there is just something wrong with America! WOW! That's about all I can say...Wow...

I missed Chris's performance last week and was told he was I know for sure. Ace was my pick last week...but I wasn't as impressed with him this week...wrong song I think and he just wasn't as comfortable in front of the camera as last week. Now I know why they saved Chris for last. If you haven't watched AI yet this much as I hate to say it...catch it. Now I can't say anything about the girls yet since I have yet to watch them...I'm usually busy Tuesday I guess I'll have to wait and see on that front.

Well that's enough of my chessy shameless pluggin' today. Have a great day!

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