February 9, 2006

On the mend...I think...

Well I have to admit I'm finally feeling a bit better...other than this nagging cough I think I'm on the mend. Didn't sleep well last night (because of my cough) and Colton got me up at 5 a.m. so I'm going to try to keep this kind of short.

I'm tired of talking about just me so on to the rest of my Disney trip. On Wednesday Dec. 28th we went to Animal Kingdom. Of all the parks we went to, I think this was the one we liked the least. I'm not sure if it was because this was the third day of our trip and we were pretty tired and beat, or that what was involved with Animal Kingdom just really didn't interest the kids. The first thing we did was go to our breakfast reservation at Restaurantosaurus. This meal was totally for Brennan our dino lover...he's loved dinos I think since he's been able to hold one. The restaurant had a neat dino, palentologist theme and the Disney characters came around and visited while we ate. Boys love that. The breakfast was really really good too...one of the best breakfast buffets I've been to. Then we toured around the dino section of Animal Kingdom, making our first stop to the DINOSAUR ride. We were warned beforehand that this ride was rough and a bit scary, but Brennan wanted to go on...and so did Colton. So we did it...it was indeed rough, but not too scary for the boys...including Colton. (Though Daddy did cover Colton's eyes at the end when the huge T-Rex came down in front of our car...great call Daddy!) We ended up riding this one twice...then moved on. We went to the Boneyard (which was nothing more than a dino themed playground...boys got to run off some energy. Got some of the sweetest pics of Brennan here. Hard to believe that in three days my Brennan will be seven! Where has the time gone?!?!?
Also got nice pic of boys with a dino. After the Dino area we

moved on to the Tree of Life...it truly is a sight to see...for me myself it was about the only thing that interested me about Animal Kingdom besides the dino area...what an amazing man-made creation! We then saw the Tarzan Rocks show...had the hardest time finding seats since they were trying to pack as many people as possible into the shows since the park was so packed. Brennan was not impressed with the show and he let it be known too. He was pretty bored. We then watched the parade...very crowded and we pretty much waited forever. The boys really started getting bored and tired by this point. We then went to see the Bug's Life Show which we had a Fast Pass for (it was a cute 3-D show) and after that it was back to the room for a much needed nap for all of us. PRAISE JESUS!!! After our nap we freshened up and went to our dinner reservation at Chef Mickey's which was at the Contemporary Resort. It was a buffet and was very delicious! Hubby's and my fav was the Chicken Corn Chowder...we each had two bowls. YUM! They had a kids buffet which was wonderful...Brennan had Mac & Cheese again (big surprise). They had Prime Rib which was also delicious. The Disney characters walked around while we ate here too. It was Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip & Dale. Boys had a lot of fun cause they did this napkin dance every so often where the kids had to get up and swing their napkin to the music...Austin of course really got into it. Such wonderful memories. Got these really neat pics of the boys using the mickey ear napkin holders...too cute! Pretty tired after this day so after dinner we went to one of the shops and then back to the hotel...we saw some of the fireworks from the monorail...the boys liked the monorail, except Brennan said it smelled like a farm on the inside...and it really did...kids say the silliest things. We went back to our hotel and got a good nights sleep.

Well that's all for now...tomorrow is Friday...not babysitting tomorrow so it's just me and the Coltman...I'm glad...hoping to take it easy a bit tomorrow.



Jada's Gigi said...

So glad you're feeling better! What a great time your family had at Disney. We never made it to Animal Kingdom...that seesms to be least popular park. But I have always wanted to see the Tree of Life...See if it speaks to me...you know..? :) Seems like it spoke to you? Learn anything about the Lord from it? I think there is something there to see. Maybe just me...:)

Tammy said...

I think the tree of life is amazing in the fact that God created all those amazing creatures...and us to enjoy them. To look at the tree and see not only what God initially created as in animals, but then man to create such a beautiful piece of art...God is good!