February 13, 2006

Just another manic Monday...AKA 3rd grade stinks!!

AAAAKKKK!!! Sorry 'bout that....I have just spent 3 hours tonight working on 3rd grade math and my brain is totally FRIED!! Can you believe that 3rd graders are doing fractions already?? UHHHGGG! I never liked fractions and I was trying to help Austin with his homework and first I started doing it wrong...then I tried looking through his math book on how to do these "equivalent fractions" and it gave me only 2 pages on how to do it...2...that's it. Needless to say I was showing him wrong the first time and I wasn't surprised he was confused. Luckily the book had a website on examples of how to do this or I still would have been showing him wrong...YIKES!! He was frustrated, I was frustrated...needless to say by the time he got his homework done and wrote out his valentines for school tomorrow it was time for bed...I felt sorry for him...no time to really do anything...and he's only in 3rd grade...he did drag his feet doing his homework, but it was an awful lot to do needless to say it wasn't easy to boot. I can understand why he is so frustrated and hates school this year. His teacher said that they really pile on and expect a lot out of the third graders...not only that they have the 3rd grade proficiancy test and the Terra Nova tests coming up in March and April which the teachers are cramming all that info into their little heads. I can't imagine what it will be like when Brennan gets to third grade...it's so frustrating. They expect so much from kids anymore....not that I don't want my kids to be challenged, but when it comes to the point where they are coming home upset and spending 4 hours doing homework...it's ridiculous. Sorry for venting so much...just a frustrated protective momma here...What happened to the days when Elementary School was fun?!?!?!? Any other moms out there feel frustrated with how they pile on schoolwork on today's kids or is it just me????

On another note...saw three more movies this weekend. Mr & Mrs Smith, The Notebook and Proof. Mr & Mrs Smith didn't impress me much...not sure why, just didn't. Maybe it's because this was the movie that broke Brad and Jennifer up...who knows...The Notebook was good, drug a little in the beginning, but Kevin cried and I didn't...just didn't effect me like it did him...I must have been too tired for a tearjerker (it was 1:30 a.m. when the movie was over). Proof stunk...I watched only the first 30-40 minutes of it and I was thuroughly and completely bored and it was like beating your head on a wall...would not recommend that one at all.

Well I'm going to try and vent my frustrations elsewhere...I promise I'll talk about my trip to Epcot next time...hopefully.


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Jada's Gigi said...

Hey, I always hated homework for the kids and for my sake too. :)

I've heard National Treasure was good, I'll have to rent it. and I really like the Notebook. I liked Mr & Mrs Smith too but only for bang up entertainment. I do think the actors forgot it was only acting and went and screwed up some lives...that's Hollywood for you. Can't imagine when I'll get ot watch movies...maybe this weekend...bride to be will be out of town so just maybe hubby and i will get to chill. Have a good day!