February 22, 2006

What a weekend...

Sorry I've been gone for a bit...I don't know what it is but my life just seems to be in hyperdrive at the moment. In fact I have things that I really should be doing right now that are more important, but I need to do this right now...right now it's been kind of a stressful day...but I'm not going to dwell on that. I want to discuss my weekend.

Needless to say as I've mentioned before it's been a bit stressful around here and I saw the opporunity to get away and took it. Unfortunately it was for good and not so good reasons. We got a call Friday that Kevin's great uncle was losing his battle with cancer and they gave him only a week or two at the most. So we decided to make the three hour trip to visit Uncle Tony. However we decided to cut the trip in half and stop in Columbus along the way and we surprised our old pastor and his wife and Pastor Lisa at their new church...It happened to be Rachel's birthday on the 18th so it was a perfect time to go visit. We were the first family to visit them at their new church. I couldn't help it...I was all smiles during that service...it was so nice to be in worship with them and just praising the Lord. It was nice to be able to worship to some upbeat songs again....not to knock what we sing in our church now, because it is very worshipful and wonderful songs. I just miss some of that upbeat "rock the flock" music. Hey what can I say, I'm a rock and roll chicky at heart. We then went out to lunch with them and a couple from their church who offered us a place to stay the next time we come to visit. Very nice people. We got to see Pastor Dean & Rachel's new place which is BEAUTIFUL. It is so nice to visit with friends...I'm so thankful that God brought these people in my life. I also felt a connection with God this weekend that I had been missing for a while. It was nice. I felt a moment of clarity this weekend...I feel like things in my life aren't quite as fuzzy anymore. This trip really helped me in more ways than one.

Then we drove on to Troy to visit Tony. We saw him a little Sunday night but he was pretty tired. He's lost so much weight and it was sad to see him that way. I don't understand the aging process....I just hope that if and when I get to that point that I go quick and don't have to be in a home....it just seems so sad. I want to die at home with my family around me. I don't want them to watch me suffer. I know God has a reason for everything...this is just something I struggle with. We then came back Monday morning and saw Tony for about an hour or so and then left and showed the boys where hubby and I used to live and work when we lived in Piqua. They weren't the least bit interested...but I hadn't been back to that place in about 9 years so it was nice to just see what had changed....and then I was MORE than ready to go home....too many bad memories from that place...by far the worst year of my life...sad to say about your first year of married life together but so true and hubby knows it and we both agree.

So needless to say it was nice to get away even if part of it was sad...Hubby had time to relax which is a BIG PLUS!! This week is his big week withthe higher ups being there so I think it was good to get away and de-stress a bit...God just knows when you need a break...He is so good!

Well I better mosey and get my work done. So much to do...birthday party to plan, church stuff to do, home to keep up with, watching kids....it never ends...and you know, that's OK....that's life after all.

Hope you all have a great week!

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