February 7, 2006

Kidney Infection part deux...

Yes folks....it didn't get any better, though I am feeling a bit better now. My kidney infection ended up coming back...Thursday I went back to the doctor literally wanting to jump in the nearest dug up hole...I had a temp. of 104, dehydrated and just overall feeling like death warmed over. The doc almost wanted to throw me in the hospital, but he gave me a strong antibiotic (4000 mg a day!) and I went back to the doc yesterday and I feel a bit better. Still had a temp yesterday of 100.6 but definitely better than 104. Still not feeling 100% yet, (now I'm dealing with hubby's upper respiratory infection that he decided to share with me), but I'm very slowly getting my energy back. My weekend was pretty much spent in bed...what fun. I am so ready to get back to being healthy...enough of this sickness already! Though I have had so many people praying and sending me cards and offering to help out. What a blessing! God has blessed me with some wonderful people in my life...My church family has been awesome...with people just calling to see if I'm OK, asking to help, just being there saying that they were praying for me...so awesome. I honsetly haven't been this sick since I was in the 6th grade with pnemonia...and I have always tried to help others when they have been sick or needed a meal, just to pray or something...to have it reciprocated...wow...words can't express.

Anyway...I am slowly on the mend and I'm praying so hard that the dark days are behind me...it's time for some sunshine. Did have our women's Bible study group here tonight...it was nice to see familiar faces again and just fellowship...I have so missed that. These four walls were starting to get awfully small.

Well enough about me....here's to hoping that the days ahead are much brighter!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Get well, girl! You and hubby...he's been sick forever too. I'm prayin for you! :) (hugs)