February 27, 2006

A Mish Mash of Stuff...

Got a lot to talk about tonight...kind of restless...of course it may be the coffee I drank tonight with my dinner...not such a hot idea.

First of all we didn't go to Uncle Tony's funeral...we decided that we saw him when it meant the most so we just wanted to remember him the way we did. Anyway a 6 hour drive for all of us in one day wasn't an appealing thing...I don't mean that how it may sound and I mean no disrespect. I'm just thankful we got to see him before he died. I'm so glad he's in a better place.

We had our usual movie night. Kids watched their movies...mom & dad watched theirs this time. I rented Elizabethtown and In Her Shoes. I was not impressed with Elizabethtown...not sure what that movie was exactly about, but if it would have been me I would have started the movie at the last half hour of it, cause that's when it got interesting and somewhat watchable. Wouldn't recommend it. In Her Shoes was good...especially if you have sisters, cause you could relate to this movie. I liked it.

Taught Junior Church on Sunday. It actually went well considering I came up with the lesson myself. I went on the tangent of the Olympics and the Parable of the Talents and how God gives us our talents and how we should use them to glorify Him. The kids were great and mostly attentive and I thought it went well..PTL!

Had lunch today with Kevin, Colton, Pastor Dean, and Anna May. It was nice...It's nice to have lunch with friends. Pastor Dean was in town having his car serviced. Pastor Dean asked me an uncomfortable question about if I was going to run for the board again this year. I was seriously thinking of not...just because of several reasons, but like Anna May said "we need someone with a voice on there who is going to speak up"...I don't consider myself that person...that is more hubby's calling, but it's true. There needs to be an objective voice there...not sure why God would want me there...I'll have to pray about it.

You know...what do you do with people who annoy you?? As a christian this is a struggle for me. There is a certain person who is well respected in our church and the community that just really has been grating at me lately because honestly they are a user. They search out people for what they need...get the knowledge, $$, support or whatever it is that they need, and then bye-bye once they don't need you anymore and they seem to take the credit for all they've done. They also say that they are going to help you out...and then either forget or just help once or twice and then who knows. But hey if they need you...man you better jump...but they do it in such a nice way...they suck you in and literally seem to spit you out. It's so annoying...and they so have to be in the spotlight...also annoying. ARRGGHH...and the thing is I used to really look up to this person when I started going back to church and now I shake my head and wonder what I was thinking...unchristian-like of me maybe..don't know...just had to get that off my chest.

I am calling 2006 "The Search for ME". With all that has been going on in my life personally over the last couple years...I think it's time...it's time to figure myself out...time to find what God wants of me...time to figure out why I do what I do and why I am the way I am...It's time to search inside myself...deep...and see what I find...been doing some reading...some soul-searching...I'm so tired of just drifting through life and just allowing life to happen to me. I want to make things happen becaue I want it to happen. I want to know what makes me tick. I want to reconnect with my creative side which has been rather dormant and flat lately. Not sure what's going on there. Need to reconnect closer to God...figure out what He has me here for. It could be an interesting year.

OK...last question. To preschool or not to preschool??? I never sent the other boys to preschool...though with Brennan I wish I would have, though he's doing OK now. I have people asking the question...Are you sending Colton to preschool?? Thing is I've been through this twice before...these questions...why am I having a hard time with this one...though I think he would REALLY benefit socially from preschool....I don't know if I want to send him...I can teach him at home...I need to teach him at home...I need to do a better job at that. My life is so crazy and I think I may need to take an inventory and maybe pare down some things. So mother's out there...here's your chance to give me your two-cents...did you preschool or not?? Was it beneficial or just a waste of $$? What were your reasons for choosing preschool? Just curious...

Well I know that was a long post...sorry...I'll lay off the coffee next time.


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Jada's Gigi said...

Yes, I did nursery school and pre-school. I needed the break and my kids needed the social interaction etc provided by hanging with people thier own ages for a few hours...wow, some things don't change :)
I hope you find yourself this year. :) But I know what you mean.. sometimes it seems we jsut drift through life arranging ourselves around our families....not all bad but can be very unsatisfying in some ways.