February 22, 2006


Yes finally I'm showing my Epcot pics and talking about our Thursday, Dec. 29th trip...man how long can I drag this trip out huh?!?!? Still have to share so sorry if I bore ya...We got to Epcot a little late...I think around 10 if I remember correctly. The Future World portion of Epcot was packed so we decided to travel on to the World Showcase. Needless to say I liked the World Showcase, but the boys were somewhat bored. If it wasn't for the KidsCot stations where the boys could make a mask and attach little paper cutouts that pertained to that country, they would have been totally bored. Those masks were our saving grace. We went to Germany to "The Biergarten" for lunch. Yummy yum yum...I haven't had authentic German food since a) my grandma's and b) the German restaurants we would frequent when we lived in Cleveland. The Chicken Spaetzle soup was awesome...and the German potato salad was wonderful! It was one of my favorite places to eat. There were German musicians on the stage playing German music...reminded me of Sunday mornings at my house as a kid. The atmosphere was fantabulous! We then parused through the countries...We didn't go through each country...but most of them. There were a few countries that weren't there the last time I was there (Which was 20 years ago!!) We then ended up going across the lake and dropping the boys off at the Beach & Yacht Club's Sandcastle Club...which was more or less a place the kid's could go to play video games, watch movies and play and have dinner...supervised of course. It was included in our Wishes plan...so we took advantage of it and used it...while hubby and I enjoyed a nice quiet dinner alone together. That doesn't happen often. We ended up going to France and eating at the "Les Chef de France" Restaurant. It was awesome! We started out with an Evian water and the French Onion soup...the soup was incredible and was so huge it could have easily been a meal in itself. Then I had the Prime Rib and Kevin had the half chicken. The prime rib was delicious. The veggies were OK...We even splurged on a glass of wine ($ 12.50 a glas...YIKES!) but it was good. I don't drink normally, but this was a special occasion. We then had creme brulee for desert. YUM YUM YUM! We walked out of there stuffed. We walked around a little bit more...saw Canada...which I think is beautiful. Then we saw the Illuminations fireworks show. Wasn't sure we were going to stay for that one, but glad we did...Disney does truly know how to put on an amazing fireworks display. If you go to Epcot...don't miss it. We then picked up the kids (would you believe that they weren't eager to come back with us...they were having too much fun) and we went back to Epcot because it was Extra Magic Hours night at Epcot. That's where resort guests get to stay in the park a few hours later than the other guests...which was great because it was the only way we got to get on the Fast Track Ride. Here is a picture of Colton watching the Fast Track ride...he couldn't wait to get on it. Even then we had to wait 30-40 minutes...but this was the one thing hubby wanted to ride for sure. Glad we did because that ride kicked...Colton loved it so much that he cried getting off of it...he wanted to ride it again. Would have loved to, but the park was getting ready to close by then so we left. We were pretty whipped this night as it was about 1 a.m. by the time we got back to our room. But what a glorious day it was!

So next time...MGM Studios....almost done...I promise!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Love love love Epcot! by far my favorite of the Disney parks. We have been repeatedly and would love to take the kids (all over 21 now) and stay over at the hotel which opens into Epcot and get all the perks that go with that. :) I love the countries, Japan and China, Mexico, France, England all of them! I've been to most of their restaurants and also loved the Fast track ride. So much fun. My hubby and I have been once or twice just the two of us.
My daughter and I were also there the week or two just after 9/11 and boy was it weird with all those nationalities and the visitors who were foreign also. Very tense. I'll never forget that trip for sure.