April 13, 2006

What a beautiful day!

What a beautiful day today was! First day of the boys Easter break and we and the neighbors and the little girls I babysit went to the Park to play....what fun they had. It was nice to get out and just enjoy the sunshine. I think it got up to 80 today. So nice! Wish hubby could have enjoyed it...he ended up working a long 10 1/2 hour day.

Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed it with your family!


Radical One said...

hey girl! thanks for stopping by and leaving words of encouragment. much needed right now, as you can well imagine.

glad you had a beautiful and relaxing day. i love and cherish those moments. for me they are so few and far between.

hug your boys often!!!


Sarah said...

Lovely day Tammy!
Thanks for sharing about it!
I think I'm gonna try to something lovely like that today too!!!