April 5, 2006

Scrapbooking and why I do it...

So here's the thing...as many of you know I peruse the site Two Peas. I like to post layouts sometimes, love to leave praise for others...then I was reading Missy's blog last night and it reminded me....I shouldn't just scrapbook to get praise from others....nor should I stop scrapbooking because I don't. I should scrapbook because of what it means to my family...not just those I have in my life now, but those to follow me. It's not about all the accolades....it's not about being published (though honestly I would love for that to happen just once)...it's about leaving a piece of me behind for my family...it's about keeping hold of those memories I'd probably forget ten years from now otherwise....it's about digging deeper....finding out more about myself...realizing more about my kids...it's my life...it's my passion...it's my hobby. If others don't like what I create...that's OK...it's not about them...it's about me and my family...it may seem selfish (at least it sounds that way...don't mean for it to) but it's the truth. Nothing beats the accolades from your child anyway.

Speaking of my child...this weeks dare was about allowing one of our family members to create a page...this is one that my 9 year old Austin made out of my scraps...it was kind of a two-fold project...1 for Two Peas...2 as a recycling project. I think he did a great job (and he's already received more praise for his page than I ever have...I'm proud!)

Looking at this page however, it reminded me of something...the days when I would just do art...when I would just do what I wanted...paste something where I wanted to paste it. Colored what I wanted to color whatever color I wanted. I think those of us who feel like mediocre scrapbookers get in a rut where we think we need to be spectacular like the Ali Edwards, Heidi Swapps, Elsie Flannigans....but God didn't make me to be that way....He made me as Tammy...and though I may not be Ali or others...God created me to make beautiful things too. And not only that...as a challenge to myself...I'm hoping to follow Austin's cue and make a page where I just put things where I want, create it my way...hopefully soon. I'll post it when I do. Thanks Austin for reminding me! Please don't think that I'm sounding crass or nasty...it's just a freeing revelation that sometimes I just seem to forget....especially when I look at so many other artists amazing work. We all create beauty in our own way.

May today cause you to create what God created you to create.


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