April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Hoping you are having a Good Friday...Today I can't help but to reflect on what a sacrifice has been given on this day many many years ago. I stand in awe as to how much our wonderful God must truly love us...I mean REALLY TRULY LOVE US! I think and look at my three beautiful and amazing boys and wonder...would I be willing to allow any of my boys to die for sinners...some who could care less...some who may never know the sacrifice that had been made for them...Tough question....but God did and without hesitation...and Jesus was willing...Did he want to...I don't think He wanted to...but I do believe that more than anything He wanted to do His father's will and He did...for us...so we could enjoy eternity in heaven with Him oneday. That's how much He loved us...that He willingly died on an old rugged cross...sinless as He was and without blame...so we who believe can live. So as you reflect on today. Think about the sacrifice that was paid for you...for you to have the possibility to enjoy eternity in Heaven. Think about how much God must truly and unconditionally love YOU...God is Amazing...God is Beautiful...Thank God for the sacrifice of His Son so I can boldy come before the throne and worship, praise Him and cast my cares directly at His feet.

If you don't know Jesus...check out this site. Jesus wants to know you.

Praise Be To God and His Amazing Gift and Sacrifice!

Have a Blessed and Amazing Easter!


Jada's Gigi said...

Yes, thank you, Lord for all you are! I am so thankful to have died with Him and to be raised to New Life in Him! the best part! He is a glorious Lord! Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Tammy!

Radical One said...

beautiful post, tammy.

thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers on behalf of our family during this time of our lives. it's so comforting to know people are praying, just because we are "sisters" thru Jesus.

may you be richly blessed!

Paula said...

Oh man. It blows me away that He died for me--and it completely baffles me that He keeps loving me through all my ups and downs, successes and failures . . .