April 10, 2006

Can't sleep

3:30 a.m......actually got up around 2 a.m. Hubby was laying on the couch with Colton...put Colton in his bed. I then tossed and turned until 3-ish figuring sleep was going to ellude me the rest of the night.

Got a batch of laundry in the wash...ready to put a second load in...

Cleaning off the rest of my craft table while I wait on laundry. Spent the last few days cleaning out our basement...things to go into the garage sale I hope to have this summer...things going in the trash...things to go to Goodwill...It's been liberating getting this stuff cleaned out...I have a little more room which is phenomenal! Spring cleaning...I hate to do it, but it sure is a great feeling when it's done! Though is it every really done????

Father-in-law had hernia surgery this past week...I just want to say that I am so blessed that he takes the kids to school in the mornings. Though I haven't had to drudge out and take them yet myself...I know I'm probably going to have to this week...what a load it takes off me when he does it for me though...Thank you thank you thank you! I have the greatest FIL in the world!

Well off to put some towels in the dryer and do my next load of laundry. Hoping that I don't fall asleep this afternoon and forget to pick up the boys. We have a DR. appt. right after school so that would be bad.

Have a great day!

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