April 6, 2010

God paints a beautiful canvas

Happy Spring everyone! I hope everyone had a Happy and blessed Easter! He is Risen Indeed!!
It's so nice to smell the fresh clean air...even though I am getting over a cold. Took the boys back to school this morning and I couldn't help but be in awe of God's beauty...the sunshine, the buds on the trees, the pretty daffodils dancing in the breeze...God does paint an amazing canvas...and He does it everyday. There is no artist like Him and I will always stand in awe of His amazing artistry.
As I mentioned I'm getting over a cold. I am so thankful that God gave me just enough strength (and voice) to sing on Sunday morning...I not only sang in the choir, I was asked to do the special that day. God was with me and let me tell ya, it was just enough, because I came home and pretty much felt miserable the rest of the day. Darling hubby got me meds yesterday, which helped tremendously...except for the fact that I probably shouldn't have taken them before bed because they kept me up almost the whole night. I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep...it's a wonder I'm still functioning!
I have to share this shocking tidbit I heard on the radio this morning. My clock radio is set to a Cleveland station 92.1...Moody Radio, it's a Christian station. Anyway, they reported this bit of news that just shocked me and stuck with me most of the day yesterday. They reported (and I checked on the internet to see if it was truly legit...and sadly it is)...that at a recent Girls Scouts convention they allowed the adult chaperones to leave the room while Planned Parenthood passed out pamphlets to the girls. You can see a copy of the pamphlet here. Please be advised that the information found in this pamphlet is quite shocking. I was shocked and appalled when I first saw it. And I feel quite niave as I was unaware that this kind of stuff is being passed on to our young people. Also, I wasn't aware that Planned Parenthood was now affiliated with the Girl Scouts organization...It's sad to see a once wholesome organiztion become so corrupted.
On a lighter note...the boys are currently starting their last nine weeks of school, and boy are they happy about that. It seems like it's been a long year. Maybe that's because of homeschooling the oldest, but it just seems like it's been a long year. I am excited just as much as they are for summer vacation. No definite plans for vacation, but we are seriously looking into going to North Carolina...God just seems to be speaking to us about that area...not sure why, so I think we may just go exploring and see what God has in store. Also there is always Kentucky now that my parents have bought a house down there...we had a lot of fun there last year with my brother Luke...I think the boys (and I) would love another just quiet relaxing week of nothing but nature, water and camping!
Well I better get off here...I have a house that is screaming my name. It's funny how a house can get so messy after a holiday AND being sick. Have a super day!

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