January 25, 2010

God is good...

So here I sit after going through my 21 day fast...and I am humbled and I am amazed at what God can truly do...because honestly I couldn't have done it without God's help. Going without sugar has truly been a huge stretch for me...not something I could have done on my own. And how it has changed me is amazing! First of all that I was able to do it in the first place again was a true God thing...then the fact that I feel so very much better. During the 21 days I didn't have the stomach problems I was having, no bloating and pain, no sluggish feelings during the day, no brain fog...I just have felt a ton better. And I praise God for that!

So my fast ended this past Sunday and I thought I would go off the deep end into a total sugar coma...honestly I didn't. What was the first thing I had??? Believe it or not, a simple cup of hot cocoa. After 3 weeks of drinking nothing but water or tea without sugar (which btw, is not very tasty) all I wanted was something to drink besides water...I had cocoa...and though it was just a basic Swiss Miss cup of cocoa, it tasted so good and I thanked God through the whole cup. It was amazing! Then I tried a cinnamon roll I had bought at the bake sale at the Upward basketball game...honestly...I hated it. It wasn't a bad cinnamon roll, it just wasn't what I wanted or expecting...it just didn't taste good to me anymore. I let the boys have them and they surely didn't turn them down. Today I had a half a Kit Kat bar that Colton saved just for me for after the fast and I was shocked how sweet it was. And how it just didn't do it for me anymore. The thing I noticed on this fast was how I don't really have the snacking cravings like I would have during the day. It's been nice and I'm afraid now anymore to eat anything with too much sugar because I honestly just don't want to go back...I'm looking forward and excited not only for what God has in store for me, but for a healthier and better lifestyle.

So through this fast I wasn't really sure what God wanted to show me, but I KNEW what he wanted me to give up...that was without question. And it wasn't until the very end of the fast He revealed to me what He wanted to show me...even though something may taste good, or seem good or you may think it is good, it just may not be good for YOU. And with with giving up sugar and yeast products it has truly shown me that though it may taste good and seem good, it just isn't good for me. And I have a feeling God is going to reveal many other things that really aren't good for me in the long run.

So here's to a corner being turned, a life being changed for the better and for whatever God may have in store.

Also...on the growing up front....Colton lost his top tooth Saturday....man...this growing up stuff is for the birds!

Have a super week!

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