January 20, 2010

I hate this part...

First of all many apologies for the lack of writing here on my blog...the last few months have been hectic and stressful, but things are looking up and God I know is going to do great things in our lives for 2010!

The end of 2009 was very very stressful with me going to the emergency room twice (once was an overnight stay) and Hubby having a throat scope and biopsy done. First time I went to the ER was for a supposed ovarian cyst that burst (which hurt like the dickens and I say supposed because they never really could tell me for 100% sure that that was my problem). Second time was for a very bad pain on my right side...come to find out I have gall stones and they suggested that I have it removed. However, me being a rebel and not really wanting or feeling like going through surgery (after all I AM a mom...I don't have time for a stinkin' surgery...LOL!) After seeing my doctor, they determined not only was the gall bladder a problem but again my kidneys were again infected and I had an internal yeast infection (whatever that is)....so I was put on antibiotics...which in all honesty didn't make me feel much better...so again being the rebel that I am I decided to take my health into my own hands...I threw away the antibiotics and began reading things about health....come to find out that the antibiotics I was on were probably making my symptoms worse and that it actually killed off the good bacteria in my body making the bad bacteria thrive...so I began to take action. After some help (and coconut water from my sister) I decided it was time for a life chage and a more healthy lifestyle. After the holidays I began watching what I ate and doing things a bit differently...and right now I'd have to say I feel so much better...and God has been with me all the way. Ironically our church began a 21 day fast 2 1/2 weeks ago...which really helped kick in the new healthy lifestyle I was wanting to start. So for my fast I gave up all sugars and yeast based products. Right now I am on the last week of the fast and I haven't felt this good in a very long time. So far I have lost 8 pounds (not that I'm doing this to lose weight) and I feel much better. And let me tell you when you take sugar out of your diet (even natural sugar) boy does it ever limit you on what you can eat...hubby has been doing this fast alongside me and though it's had its rough moments God has helped us through. I'm hoping that after Sunday (which is the end of the fast) that I don't go overboard :-) But I think that now that after three weeks and I'm starting to feel so good will help motivate me to watch what I eat, watch my sugar intake and hopefully take better care of me. Funny thing since starting this fast I haven't had even a smidge of stomach problems like I had before going into the hospital. And hubby hasn't had a bit of acid reflux either...hmmm. It's been good and God is good!

So the boys have been growing...maybe the better word is maturing...and I'm hating it...hating it with a passion!! I mean I know they need to and I'm glad that they are, but I miss my little guys. Tonight was a "running into the brick wall" moment for me when Brennan tells me he was too old now to do our nightly ritual...ever since I can remember Brennan and I always said goodnight by giving each other a hug, a kiss and a nosey nosey....tonight he told me he's too old for it. Broke my heart. Colton let our new dog Milo use his blanket...the blanket he's had since he was a baby....I knew that day was coming soon, but man I didn't want to see it. Golly why do they have to grow up! Colton's top tooth is about to come out at any moment and I'm hating that too....it's like all of a sudden they are on microwave mode and growing up faster than I can keep up...ugghhh!

Now I've mentioned before that I don't do New Year's resolutions...but this year I have begun organizing my life a little better...in baby steps though. LOL! It's funny how after having three kids you turn around and see your life so disorganized that you can't even find yourself...so this year I'm determined to become more organized. So I've already begun in the living room, fridge and now working on my craft desk (again!) and shelves in the dining room and so far so good. Each day I'm picking an area to work on...baby steps. Hubby already worked on the basement a bit...I think the goal is obtainable! I'm feeling so good this year and about 2010...I know God has many great things in store!

So that's life so far in a nutshell at the moment...I was sick, hubby had throat scope, which by the way there are a few spots they want to keep an eye on and he has to go back in a year and be scoped again...I've taken a bit of control on my health and eating habits...and my boys are growing up way too fast. Such is life and life will keep going even though I want it to slow down. And I'm trying to organize my life. So there you go...

How is 2010 looking for you???

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